screw in English. See all translations. screw noun. uk ​ /skruː/ us ​ /skruː/. › [ C ] a thin, pointed piece of metal with a raised edge twisting round along its length and a flat top with a cut in it, used to join things together, especially pieces of wood. Thesaurus: synonyms and related words. 1. countable noun. A screw is a metal object similar to a nail, with a raised spiral line around it. You turn a screw using a screwdriver so that it goes through two things, for example two pieces of wood, and fastens them together. Each bracket is fixed to the wall with just three screws . screw noun [ C ] (METAL FASTENER) › a thin piece of metal, usually with a pointed end and a flat top shaped to hold a tool, that is forced into wood or metal by turning, and is used esp. to join two pieces or to hold something in place. screw verb [ T ] us ​ /skru/.

Late Middle English (as a noun): from Old French escroue ‘female screw, nut’, from Latin scrofa, literally ‘sow’, later ‘screw’. The early sense of the verb was ‘contort … to fasten, tighten, force, press, stretch tight, etc., by or as if by means of a screw or device operated by a screw or helical threads. to operate or adjust by a screw , as a press. to attach with a screw or screws : to screw a bracket to a wall. Definition of screw-in - adapted or designed to be attached by screwing into something

ldoce_293_cscrewscrew1 /skruː/ ●●● S3 noun [countable] 1 DHTBCa thin pointed piece of metal that you push and turn in order to fasten pieces of metal or wood together → nail Fix the frame in position and tighten the screws.2 informal not polite a) SYSEX/HAVE SEX WITHan offensive word meaning an act of having sex b)