Huck BobTail Fastener / Rivet System (Huck Bolt) Product details for BobTail Lock Bolts by Huck (Huck Bolt) Contact us online or call (866)748-3876 for ordering and shipping information on Huck BobTails (Huck Bolts) . (972)986-6792 * Huck Bobtail Lock-Bolt Fastening System : Vibration-resistant , Installs in 2 Seconds Proven Performance with High / Consistent Clamp-Load . Huck Bobtail from Arconic Fastening Systems. Designed heree inherent weaknesses with standard lockbolts, the BobTail has no pin-tail and as a result of this zero pin-break, no waste material to collect and dispose of or potential corrosion issues post installation. The lightweight, low-noise, low-maintenance tooling,.

Huck 360. The engineered nut-and-bolt fastening system with a unique, embedded thread design for superior vibration resistance The Huck 360 is the most advanced nut-and-bolt fastening system … Huck BobTail - lock bolts. Unlike previous lock bolts, the HUCK BobTail is designed without a pin-tail, meaning that no uncoated pin-break is needed. Using the newly-developed, compact, semi-automatic setting tools, the lock bolts are set in only two seconds – almost twice as herepeting products. The Huck BobTail Fastener System - Inch Series Engineered for the highest level of performance and reliability. Dimensional and grip data for small and large diameter inch sizes are below.

Huck Bolt Bobtail . Quiet. Lightweight and engineered to meet the challenges of a wide range of assembly applications, Bobtail offer safe, quite, swaged-on installation technology in a unique, pintail less design. Unlike conventional nuts and bolts , which have gaps on the tread when tighten; the Bobtail system ensures full metal to metal contact,.