Metric Fasteners; Metric hex bolts Bolts with hexagonal heads and machine threads for use with a nut or in a tapped hole. Also known as hex cap screws or machine bolts . Keep It Together With Fasteners at Lowe’s. Whether you're hanging pictures or anchoring shelves, Lowe's has all of the supplies you need to make sure it all stays in place. From structural hardware to everyday fasteners like nails, screws , nuts and bolts , get everything you need in one place.For more porous or brittle surfaces, we carry wall anchors and heavy-duty picture hangers. Find great deals on eBay for Stainless Steel Woodscrews in Nuts / Bolts / Nails/ Screws . Shop with confidence.

Revised October 2018 T BRIHTONBEST INTERNATIONAL * herepliant product here SELF DRILLING SCREWS 636* Proferred SDS K-Lath/Mod Truss Phil Zinc R51 Proferred SDS Pan Standard More info Our large product range offers a one stop shop for nuts , bolts , washers, screws and many more related fasteners, in Metric and Imperial (BA, BSF, BSW, UNC, UNF) threadforms and in most materials and grades. Find great deals on eBay for Button Head Bolts in Nuts / Bolts / Nails/ Screws . Shop with confidence.

hereplete Line of stainless steel hardware, stainless steel bolts , stainless steel washers, stainless steel screws , stainless steel tubing, stainless steel fasteners, street rod parts, stainless steel exhaust, and stainless steel muffler clamps. Socket Products Socket Cap Screws 2 Flat Socket Cap Screws 3 Button Socket Cap Screws 4 Set Screws 5 Shoulder Bolts 6 Low Head Socket Caps / Pipe Plugs 7 About BSW. The imperial threadform British Standard Whitworth was the world’s first national standard screw thread, and was devised by Sir Joseph Whitworth in 1841.. This threadform saw widespread usage in British machinery and cars, motorbikes, ships and other vehicles. Still today, Whitworth bolts and nuts are still widely used in vintage vehicle and heritage rail restoration projects.

Wixroyd Push Button One-Touch Fasteners Push button actuated for easy ball locking. One-touch fasteners are the ideal solution for quick and frequent changeover of tooling or set ups without the need for additional bulky tooling.