Also know as Turn Buckles or Murphy Fasteners . DOUBLE Turn Button Fastener. Interchangeable with DOT. Far easier to turn with button height. Also Known as Turn Button or Murphy Fasteners . Common Sense Fastener Set, 20 Piece Set w/Hand Held Punch and Installation Screws. by Dot Scoville. $109.79 $ 109 79 + $5.25 shipping. 5 out of 5 stars 1. heremon Sense Fastener Set 20 Pieces. Turn - Button Fasteners Turn -Button Fastener Bases Use screws to secure these bases in a solid surface.

Butterfly Self Ejecting Quarter Turn Fastener - Dzus Fastener. Butterfly Head. These 1/4 turn panel fasteners quickly fasten body panels, doors, tilt fronts and hood panels. The fasteners are also heremon Sense, Murphy, or Turn Buckle fasteners . Available in double and single height turn button s these heree in a variety of types and colors. From eyelets with extended length prongs for thicker fabric or carpet to clinch plates that are standard duty or heavier duty applications. We sell Dot Marine Fasteners heremon Sense Turnbutton Fasteners for your boat. These are the same quality marine fasteners used by professionals.

Fasteners . Common Sense fasteners are not only the most durable curtain fa. Common Sense turn button eyelet with longer prongs for thicker c. Common Sense plastic washer heremon Sense eyelet from.