“Monarch Z clips work great. The quality and fit are excellent. They are easy to install and hold a lot of weight without a large projection from the wall . Keep It Together With Fasteners at Lowe’s. Whether you're hanging pictures or anchoring shelves, Lowe's has all of the supplies you need to make sure it all stays in place. From structural hardware to everyday fasteners like nails, screws, nuts and bolts, get everything you need in one place.For more porous or brittle surfaces, we carry wall anchors and heavy-duty picture hangers. COLORADO FASTENERS incorporated in 1976 from a modest beginning of two full-time employees, Colorado Fasteners has grown and flourished over the years heree one of the most productive and herepanies in our industry.

On the wall or in the drawer – you decide. KVISSLE series takes care of all your different storage needs in and around the desk. The clean, crisp design works just as well at the office as at home. Narrow shelves help you use small wall spaces effectively heremodating small items in a minimum of space. Choose whether you want to place it against the wall or hang it horizontally or vertically. No wall stud where you need it? You can attach anything to hollow drywall or plaster if you use the right fastener

From doing something as simple as hanging artwork to hereplicated jobs like building or renovating a deck, we have a wide selection of fasteners hardware. Just Need One Screw? Menards has a wide selection of fasteners and fastener accessories designed for different projects and materials. We have high-quality products that you can depend on and trust to keep your materials securely connected and reinforced. High performance steel anchors, fasteners and accessories for virtually all applications in concrete, block, brick and stone.

Hanging Solutions Hangman offers hangers for just about anything that goes on the wall ! From heavy mirrors and pictures to canvas, wall decor and posters.